No matter what kind of event you wish to do virtually, we can help design your event and take away the stress of managing your event online. Our virtual packages come with a full events team to help support you throughout the planning and event process, as well as customizable platforms that will make your event a breeze for your guests. Whatever your event may be, we can accommodate and work with you within your budget to accomplish your event goals.
Virtual Platform
Makes it a seamless experience to deliver your event content to your audience. Depending on your event needs, we can accommodate video streaming, social media feeds, video premieres, and photo galleries. Unsure of what you need? Our team can help!
Event Staff
Event Manager
Manages your event from start to finish to make sure that it is exactly how you imagined it. Helps with cueing panelists and keeps the event running on time and in the correct order.
Event Technician
Assists with screen sharing and audio sharing and manages video content
Tech Support
Directly assist with you and your participants with any questions about the event platform.
If you need help capturing and editing video or images, we can provide you with that service. If you need support creating materials for your event, or for marketing and promotions, let us know!
We can accommodate creating a ceremony video for your students and community to see, while also creating graduation cards that will be viewable on your school’s own graduation page. Your community will have access to the ceremony video, graduate cards, and a social media feed during and after your event date.
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Our virtual platform allows for your attendees to experience a convention virtually with an easy layout to follow. Attendees begin in a main lobby page, where they will be able to see the schedule, talk with other attendees, and get an overall look of what your event has to offer. Based on your event needs, we can help to build out different stages, sponsor booths, and offer a space for general questions and guidance for attendees. Let us take away the stress of running a virtual event.