Envision Pro AV is a full-service event company dedicated to making your event the best it can be. We work with you on every step of the journey and provide the skills and technology needed to turn your vision into reality. Our seasoned design and technical staff has been working in the industry for years and knows how to get the results you desire as swiftly and smoothly as possible.
Our company has produced a wide array of events - from music festivals to intimate country weddings, from musical theater to tech conferences, and everything in-between. Our broad experiences and expertise allow us to draw on influences and elements from all types of events. For you as a client, this means we are ready to bring your event to life no matter what your vision, and that we are prepared to help inspire you beyond even your own imagination.
Our clientele ranges from emerging arts nonprofits to globally recognized corporate entities. We have worked in spaces from the smallest community theaters all the way to the best equipped venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. No matter where you come from, we can fulfill all your needs in the following areas.
Whether you need wireless mics for a general session or workshop or a full PA system for a live band, Envision Pro AV is well equipped to serve your need for crisp, clear sound reinforcement. Our audio engineers are well versed in all types of venues from clubs to convention centers, so your audio will be handled professionally whether you are a local wedding DJ or Grammy Award winning artist.
Lighting has a striking effect on the look and feel of your event. Well chosen lighting elements can make your event range from cool and sophisticated to warm and casual. Color palettes need to not only match the decor and architecture of the venue, but the impression you want to make on your guests. At Envision Pro AV, we work with lighting designers with theatrical backgrounds to provide you the most clear translation of your imagination to reality. Our electricians and technicians then work to seamlessly implement the design using our wide range of state of the art equipment.
Video is a critical component of events from corporate presentations and product launches to staged performances. Video is also the technical element most prone to catastrophic failure during live events. At Envision Pro AV, we have extensive experience providing video services in many complex environments. We are ready to provide solid, reliable technology and professional support for your needs.
At Envision Pro AV, we believe having strong staging and props is crucial for two reasons. First, your staging needs to match the quality of the other technical elements of your event so that the overall look of your event will not be compromised. Second, any staging or props need to be absolutely safe for you and your guests. We work with licensed carpenters and a careful selection of vendors to provide the safest as well as best looking staging and scenic elements possible.
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Envision Pro AV is committed to become a leader in health and safety for the events industry. If you are holding a virtual or hybrid event, we are ready to provide online platforms, technology, and specialized staff to make it happen smoothly.
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